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Stress test is often conducted to shed light on inexplicable chest pains. It is also a way for the patient to know how much pressure his heart can endure during exercise, after a heart surgery. Before this examination, you mustn’t drink coffee or alcohol. You mustn’t have eaten and you mustn't smoke. In everyday medical practice, patients with coronary artery disease are examined in calm environment, while in most cases their symptoms are manifested during or after physical work or psychological strain. With the stress test, the aim is to cause symptoms to patients with coronary artery disease.

With this test we can have an important evaluation of the coronary arteries. This has a double application. On the one hand we can track critical stenosis of these arteries for the first time to patients with no prior knowledge of their condition, and on the other hand, with the stress test we are in position to monitor coronary artery patency after putting stent on them. So, basically through the annual repetition of the procedure, we validate the result of a successful angioplasty.