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Pre-athletic cardiological examination for professional athletes and people who wish to start exercising or doing sports.

The last decades it is more and more obvious that participating in some kind of sport activity can improve the cardiovascular system and prevent heart disease.

However it is very important to initiate this kind of activities with safety, in order to gain as many advantages as possible.

The pre-athletic cardiological examination is the tool which will help towards that direction, as it can track problems previously unseen. Furthermore, it promotes prevention as a way of thinking. 

Athlete’s Health Card

Useful Information for issuing an Athlete's Health Card

1. The verification of the athlete’s health is registered in a health card, is obligatory and it is a prerequisite for the participation in trainings and in games.

2. The Athlete’s Health Card is a document that is not connected to the Bulletin of being an athlete. It is a personal document which the athlete holds.

3. It is necessarily given to the secretarial office or the arbitrator of a game or any kind of a sport activity, according to the regulations of National Athletic Federation, as basic prerequisite for participating in the game/ race.

In the Athlete’s Health Card the following is provided:

  • National Athletic Federation
  • Name, Surname, Father’s name of the athlete
  • Date of birth
  • Photograph
  • Number of Bulletin of being an athlete
  • Social Security Number
  • An authentication with a certification, signed by a doctor, which certifies the person’s ability to participate in the sport (both training and games/ races)
  • Signed certification that the person has undergone all the necessary medical examinations of the 2nd paragraph of the 3rd article of the current legislation.

Issuance and Validity

1. The Athlete’s Health Card is issued and renewed by the National Athletic Federations. The issuance and its renewal is done free of charge and it is valid for one year after its validation.

2. It is only issued after the following obligatory medical examinations

  • Clinical examination
  • Individual and family medical background
  • Electrocardiogram

3. Depending on the findings of the mentioned obligatory medical examinations and the professional views of the doctors, further medical examination may be needed (Heart triplex, stress test, Holter)


1. The Athlete’s Health Card is validated by doctors of the care Units of the primary Healthcare system, University doctors, military health units’ doctors or doctors that are in any way involved with the Public or Private Sector, as long as they are Cardiologists.

2. Doctors of other medical speciality, the possibility to take part in further educational seminars, which are organised by the National Centre of Athletic Research, in topics of pre-race/ game check of the athletes.

3. For the organisation of these seminars the National Centre of Athletic Research can be contracted with national and international medical scientific entities and companies.

4. The cost of these educational seminars can be covered by sponsorship or be paid partly by the participants.

Final Orders - Initiation of validation

Within one month since the beginning of the validation of the present (until 08 - 10-2018) the National Athletic Federations owe to inform the athletic unions regarding the issuing of the athlete’s Health Cards.